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Hello fellow scouts! (Hallo sahabat pramuka!)
This is the first of our “English Corner” article. In this article, you are supposedly to correct the wrong grammar of sentences and the verbs word. The grammar supposedly in Simple Past Tense and Past Continuous Tense. In Each Section of this article contains of one wrong sentence only, but it may contains of more than one word of verb with the wrong grammar.
(Ini adalah artikel pertama dari “Pojok Bahasa Inggris” kita. Pada artikel ini, kamu diharapkan untuk memperbaiki kalimat dan kata kerja yang memiliki tata bahasa/grammar yang salah. Tata bahasa tersebut harus dalam bentuk Simple Past Tense atau Past Continuous Tense.  Pada setiap sub-bab hanya terdapat satu kalimat dengan grammar yang salah, namun bisa saja memiliki lebih dari satu kata kerja dengan grammar yang salah.)
Please write down your corrections in the comment-block of this article, along with your surname and WA-number.
(Tuliskan jawabanmu di dalam kotak komentar pada artikel ini, bersama dengan nama lengkap dan nomor WA-mu.)
We will choose one boy-scout and one girl-scout who has gave the right answer, and gift them special Raimuna key-chains from Kak Emi. And the one who can actually managed to translate this article into Bahasa, will also gift he/she a very special key-chain from Malaysia.
(Kami akan memilih seorang Penggalang Putra dan seorang Penggalang Putri yang telah memberikan jawaban yang benar, dan menghadiahi mereka gantungan kunci spesial dari Kak Emi. Dan seorang Penggalang (Putra/Putri) yang bisa menterjemahkan artikel ini ke dalam bahasa Indonesia, juga akan dihadiahi sebuah gantungan kunci super spesial dari Malaysia.)

The winners will be announced at the comment-block in this article by Monday, 4th December 2017, and kak Emi will contact them personally by WA app.

(Para pemenang akan diumumkan pada kotak komentar di artikel ini pada hari Senin, 4 Desember 2017, dan Kak Emi akan menghubungi mereka secara pribadi melalui aplikasi WA.)
Happy reading, correcting and answering, guys! And wins the key-chains!  ^_^
Keywords: Simple Past Tense, Past Continuous Tense

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Saturday, 25th November 2017

Cleaning and Reorganizing Day

On this day, we were cleaning and reorganizing our base-camp. Some of us were helping Kak Diana, sweeping and (mop) the floor, (clean) the dust of the documents and other inventaris, then (organize) them accordingly and structurally. While some others (are) (help) Kak Yudi and Kak Febri (make) a new rack to store our goods. 


Sunday, 26th November 2017

Kak Yongki’s Wedding Day

Last Sunday (is) surely the happiest day for Kak Yongki and his wife, Kak Ami. Why? Because on the very day they (are) (celebrate) their wedding day. We (come) too to congratulate the happy couple, and (take) a photo as a remembrance of the special moment.

Happy Wedding Day, Kak Yongki and Kak Ami! Barakallahu.. ^_^
Girl’s Day
On the way back, Kak Diana and the girls-scout (go) to KFC, where’s Kak Aksa work. Thank you for the lunch, Kak Diana ^_^

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